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Jim Bartlett is a veteran performer and corporate executive with over 25 years of We perform for children of all ages!high-tech experience, having held senior executive positions with global companies including IBM, Philips, NEC, Zenith and StorageTek.  Jim enjoyed watching and performing magic and illusions as a young person, although he didnít become a serious student of the magical performing arts until he was an adult. In 1985 Jim attended a national convention of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians held in Chicago.  While watching the public evening show, he became convinced of the impact he could have by performing magical illusions with integrated messages Jim with fellow Christian performer Andre Koleas a form of evangelism.  Ken Baker, then a well-known Christian magician, provided advice and mentoring during Jimís early years of study.  Additional early exposure to some of the top names in magic helped push Jim along as he developed his skills and personal style.  Jim has also attended hundreds of live magical performances, meeting and being influenced by many well-known magicians including Harry Blackstone Jr., Lance Burton, Andre Kole, and David Copperfield.

For the last 15 years, Jimís performing has been focused on Christian audiences, with many shows held for churches, non-profit organizations, and youth groups.  He also has performed for birthday parties and at secular evening events,We love to involve our audience! doing walk-around magic, etc. Most of Jimís work features Gospel illusions, which carry the message of the need for Christ as personal Lord and Savior. 

One classic effect in many of Jimís shows is Cut & Restored Rope, symbolizing manís separation from God through sin, and the reconnection of our relationship to God through Jesusí blood and our receiving Him as personal savior.   Another of Jimís powerful signature effects is called ďTransformedĒ ó where a Styrofoam cup of water is pierced with many long needles.  But when the needles are removed, the ďbraveĒ volunteer holding the cup above their head doesnít get wet! Amazingly, the water has been transformed into a solid!  This effect is used to explain that, although Satan would like to convince us we are not worthy and shake our confidence in the salvation we Adults love to get involved too!have through Godís Grace, our lives can truly be transformed when we trust in Christ, who was pierced for our iniquities. 

Jim currently performs effects based on many familiar objects including coins, cards, ropes, silk handkerchiefs, water, paper, dollar bills, many larger props and specialty items. He has performed in many parts of the U.S, as well as in Canada, Europe and Asia. He currently resides in Morrison, CO with his wife, Michele, and their two teenagers.


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